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Versatile Writer Immersive Researcher Exacting Editor

Versatile Writer Immersive Researcher Exacting Editor

Versatile Writer Immersive Researcher Exacting EditorVersatile Writer Immersive Researcher Exacting EditorVersatile Writer Immersive Researcher Exacting Editor


Mental Health


Mental Health is the most important thing. Our minds are the foci of our selves. Many of us need aid & support to reach Level. All of us benefit by it. Social intersection is understood by most researchers & practitioners of behavioral science to be fundamental in attaining & retaining equilibrium. 

Isolation features in a plurality of disorders. I am emerging from long isolation. Here, I will share my perspective from a lifetime of thralldom to my disordered mind.

There are also more objective articles to introduce some of the organizations & individuals dedicated to changing our minds for the better. Techniques & treatments are explained & evaluated. Navigating the mental health environment requires a new vocabulary that I will interpret for you & teach.

You know someone suffering or recovering from mental illness. Perhaps this is you. I am here to help. If my writing provides any benefit or if you have specific concerns not discussed here yet, please let me know. We are stronger together.

Society, Culture, Folks


This is where we live. This is what we do. This is who we do unto & who does unto us. This is the World as we know it.

Life on Earth is paradoxical. Our world often seems small, but there are places we will never go. Terra incognita can be  frustrating & frightening. Even our own neighborhoods conceal surprises. I enjoy exploring. Though I rarely leave my comfort zone, I have learned from those who do. Visitors & inhabitants of distant lands help me understand regions that sometimes feel like different worlds.

People are funny critters (Baxter Black). Each of us is outnumbered eight billion to one. We all know that we shouldn't talk to strangers. They look like us, they talk like us, they are not us (Laurie Anderson). To overcome fear of the unknown, know. Stop being strangers. I will introduce you to neighbors, cohabitants, partners, new friends.

You know what it feels like to be an outsider. You also have insight into fitting in. I want to hear about the world you live in. If my rambling gives you guidance or you have questions I have missed, please inform me.



I am starting a small business. There is a lot to learn. Even as confident as I am in my abilities, I am aware that things I thought I knew have changed. In this section you can follow me as I learn my way around. 

My purpose is to help others communicate in business. For me this means more than writing copy, editing newsletters, voicing podcasts or hosting webinars. I want to know you & your business. 

As I share what I learn, you may gain greater understanding of colleagues & competitors. Enterprise shapes our world. Some of the articles in this section examine change engendered by companies large & small. Everyone has experience with economy & environment. All of us are affected by business.

You are an entrepreneur or an employee. Undoubtedly you are a consumer. I pass along my own experiences or things I study. Please tell me about your own. If I missed something, I will gladly look into it. All you have to do is ask.

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